Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moving Day

Ok, I'm gonna give it a try.
I'm moving.
Blogwise, that is.
Yup, please please go see me at my new home: Another Espresso Please  on Wordpress.
It's a trial run and if I don't like it, I"ll be back here.  But I'm gonna give it a good shot. It'll take me a bit to get the blogroll going and the widgets working and all, so it's a work in progress....but I'll be figuring it out as quick as I can...

the new address:

Also, I'm all worried that I'll be all alone in the blogosphere, with no one to come have come coffee with me.  My insecure side is flaring; even as my adventurous side is kind of excited about new digs.
So, please update your links (Now, it's a ".net" address.  It's shorter to type in, a quick fix) and come on over!

1 comment:

Teresa said...

so you have to tell me why you moved. i am working on a blog/website for church and i can't decide what to do. i am so use to blogger, but i bought a domain with wordpress. help! you can email me at
thanks teresa