Friday, April 22, 2011

How Can this Day be Good?

Detail of painting, Tissot
Good Friday.
High Holy Day.
The Passion of Christ.
Via Dolorosa.
Utter sorrow.
Veneration of the Cross.
Empty tabernacles.
Hungry, tired, hard, sad.
Really, horror.

Nikolaï Gay (1831-1894)
An unspeakable, truly, tough day.
Good, yes, but the hardest most unspeakable kind of good.
A mystery of good.

Painting by Tissot, "What Christ saw from the Cross"
But yes, glorious good; if unseen as such then, and sometimes now.
We wait.
*Reposted from several years ago*


greg's wife said...

Yes. Thank you.

tracy said...

yes, we wait.

"what christ saw from the cross" is very striking. i've never seen it before. thank you for sharing these.