Saturday, September 11, 2010

Praying for Bishop

Today is a day of much import:
It's the anniversary of 9/11, of course.
It's Ethiopian New Year: Melkem Addis Amet!
It's game day for the Irish.

Most of all however, for us here in the coffeehouse, today is a day of prayer for our dear Bishop who is recovering from heart surgery.
He needs our prayers and I ask, if you have a moment and the inclination, to pray for this holy and dear good man.
He is one of the good guys.
He is my spiritual father.....our family's spiritual father and we love him.
Please pray for the swift and full recovery of our Bishop, David Choby.

Praying for Bishop.......


Ryane said...

We'll be praying fora speedy recovery for Bishop Choby.

Melkem Addis Amet!


coffeemom said...

Ryane thank you for the prayers for bishop! And a melkem addis amet to you too!!! Think this means I'm only 41 not 48.... Since it's just 2003??? Hey a gal can dream....

Zoe said...

What a small world. Bishop Choby was going to travel to Washington DC this week to introduce Bishop Vasa at an annual event I organize, but couldn't because of his surgery. He is in my prayers for a speedy recovery!