Sunday, February 14, 2010

Song on a Sunday

Because I miss him.

That's my boy: Buddybug.  Ok, Chris, in the middle on the keyboard.   Playing the last time of the semester with his friends Katie Buetow (cello performance major), and Daniel Tostado (former vocal performance major) at Legends, up at college.  And gosh, a sad song: a cover of Ben Fold's "Fred Jones."I know I'm just the mom, but I think they sound good...and it's nice to hear him sing and play.  
Note: I'm not techno-literate enough to get it the video sized right and keep Katie from being cut off.  So if  you'd like to see her play (and she is terrific, I love watching her play...ah a cello...) then go here to see it full size and full resolution.  And yes, Chris does need a shave!


Jen said...

Bella loves the video of chris. Been playing it on my iPhone:(

Jean said...

Wow! I remember when he played that Charlie Brown over and over and over and over at my house....he was good then but so much better now. I'm impressed!! Now, he can sing at my funeral!!