Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Coffeedoc!

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!
Yup, 48 years old today!
{Once again, older than me, dear.}

I wish you the best of birthdays and for all your birthday wishes to come true!
Your requested dinner of homemade tamales and german chocolate cake is in the works...and should be yummy for all.
Your present is a big secret for now, but we are pretty excited about it....especially one of your sons.

We are all so grateful for your birthday and all that it brings us: you.
Lover of music.
Extra great dad.
Terrific husband, rock for your wife.
Faithful; sincerely loving your faith and church.
Good eater, loves my cooking.
Patient, with a long fuse and a steady stance to withstand the many moods in this family.Kind of Crazy driver.
Fix-it guy - there is nothing that a cool tool or spreadsheet can't make better - somehow.
Always a little late, but trying, perpetually and earnestly, to change.
The smartest man I know.
Pack rat, never know when you might need that.
Tireless warrior, going up against all odds to advocate for our kids, no matter what.Night owl, striving to be an early bird against all odds.
Make me cry with your guitar and singing of Fire and Rain, Sweet Baby Jane.
Growing old gracefully, unlike your wife.
Plotter, always cooking up something new.
Intense, but calm.
A contradiction in many ways.
The blueprint for so much of the character and traits in my kids.Steady best friend, no matter what.
Picks me up when I am at rock bottom, gently.
Committed, come what may, to this family and each person in it.
Outstanding surgeon and doc.
Apologetics, church history walking encyclopedia.
Boat lover.
Cat tolerator for the kid's sake.
Dreamer, schemer.
Inveterate traveler, no such thing as ever too much travel, there's a whole world out there!Adventurer, in your heart even when you cannot be one in real life due to the world of responsibilities on your shoulders...that you carry without complaint.

You are greatly loved by many.
And we celebrate your birthday today with grins and cheers.

Happy Happy Bday honey, we love you!


Jen said...

I do so hope that I get to meet him one day. He sounds like an amazing man.

emily said...

Happy birthday!!!

Beautiful tribute. Wasn't the Lord so gracious to give us exceptional mates? :)

The Albertsons said...

great post!!!
happy birthday coffeedoc...
thanks for all that you do, especially as an advocate, along with your beautiful wife, for children all over the world.

Tara said...

what a great husband! Happy Birthday from Dan and Tara!

msl said...

Such a great post!
Happy Birthday Coffeedoc!!

Ryane said...

Beautiful post, M.

Happy Birthday, Coffeedoc!

Zoe said...

Happy birthday and many blessings upon Coffeedoc! (Born on the feast of St. Bernard, no less.)

Nadja Magdalena said...

Happy birthday to Coffeedoc!
Bret's birthday was the 18th. German chocolate cake is his second favorite (after cheesecake).

May his next 48 years be happy and healthy ones!

Paige said...

Happy belated birthday T from an old, old friend - although not quite as old as you! I just found this blog tonight and would love to get back in touch with you both. How can I email you?

coffeemom said...

Paige, wow!! hello, long time! I tried to get your email from your profile but it wouldn't let me. So, here: (me). I'll forward to tom (can't remember if his email is on blog, no time to check right this moment, running late). And you can take it from there! Hope you are well and great to hear from you! M