Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School

Big changes are afoot in our house, due to our big changes this summer.
As you can see by the cute little kick-foot, above, this is an exciting new thing. Or, really, an exciting old thing.

Yup. The girls are going back to our parish elementary school! Fifth and eighth grade. And today is the first day of school! (Little Man begins Kindergarden on Monday, wow!).

So these girls are actually excited to begin a new school year, back at their old school, with old friends and new fun, nice teachers. We have been and still are homeschoolers too. Golly, at this point we have college, high school, elementary, homeschool and toddlers in the equation. I think this effectively covers all bases, no? But this is my take on school, for what it's worth: School is a per year, per kid, per situation decision. Period. This year, with one daughter and her ongoing special needs and one very new daughter with her own language/adjustment/learning needs....this mom needs to be able to focus and this is the best decision for us, for now. So, this mom is pretty darn happy too, as I know these three will thrive and it clears the way for me to work closely with the two who's needs are so much more intense.
A win-win, all the way around!
Ah, I love uniforms!
Happy back to school days!


Jen said...

Oh to have children who look forward to are so lucky...that is one battle you will not have to fight:)

Jennifer said...

Oh, they look so cute and so happy! My boys went back right after I got home...yay!

emily said...

So fun that they are happy. We also take the whole homeschooling thing as a per year, per kid decision. Still all home, but aware that can always change. :)

Tara said...

love it, i am a true believer of taking one year at a time and one kid at a time, praying for your family, tara

Nikki said...

yeah for back to school! Madison included you guys in her prayers tonight, praying for your good days and your not so good days.

Thinking of you!

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

Yiippppeeee! You're one smart coffee Mama! :-) The girls look so happy! Grace Bizuayehu went to school right away (due to her strong desire) and it was such a great year for her! She got loved on and learned so much from great teachers and I got a little breathing room and time to bond with Eliana Hiwot. I, too, take our schooling choices year by year. You sound SO GOOD in your post and I am so thankful to hear the pep back in your step! :-)
Love & Blessings,

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

Okay, I think that I goofed...which is not so hard for me these days at all.....It appears now that I have actually LOOKED at the photos that Marta is still home with you.....That is why I never post or respond to posts anymore as I always goof something up! :-) Anyway, congrats to you for making the best choices for you and your family and forgive me for being such a goofball. Again, I am so happy to hear the pep in your step again!
Love & Blessings,