Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I went to DC but I didn't see Michelle Obama

But I DID get to see my nephew graduate!

David is our first college graduate of this generation. Frankly, none of can quite believe he is, or we are, already that old!
Ah, but we are all so proud. He's graduated from Georgetown and he's going to South Africa this summer for the second time/year in a row. He is working with a community-building foundation there and is now doing fellowship with them; fundraising as well as hands on work on the ground. His younger brother (19, Matt, shades, below) is going too, six weeks of teeny township and community living. I am one proud aunt!

And I did get to go to a swishy ball at Penn Station and have a fun two days with my only sister and her family! Crazy crowded (this pic is before it got crowded) and great people watching, music, food, bars...
Cool decor with living statues of important historic figures and models of buildings....turning the lovely Penn Station into a faboo swell party. But the best thing about the party was hanging with my nephews (Michael and David, below, Matt came later) and my Sis and bro-in-law.
Graduation was on the lawn, it was the perfect afternoon in that the rain held off and I got to hang in the fresh air with my favorite sister!
We had a big time. Two old middle aged moms, watching the world pass by, having a nice afternoon in the sun, saving seats, smiling at nervous grads. Lovely. Just a lovely proud afternoon.

My sis and I kept scanning the crowd for "very important people" to accost, erm, politely approach and speak to about the TB protocols. But we didn't see anyone we recognized. I had hoped to get a meeting with Michelle Obama, but she was in Merced. Something about a commencement speech.... I've been in Merced. I got a speeding ticket there once...hmmmm. Anyhow, so we just missed each other. But I can hop a plane back anytime...so Michelle, give me a call!


becca said...

yeah Mrs. Obama! CALL COFFEEMOM!
So glad you had a great weekend...

chasingsaints said...

You look beautiful and are understandably a proud aunt!

msl said...

A big congratulations to the graduate!! Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Jen said...

you and your sister are beautiful-no "two old middle aged" about you.