Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Detail of painting, Tissot
Good Friday.
High Holy Day.
The Passion of Christ.
Via Dolorosa.
Utter sorrow.
Veneration of the Cross.
Empty tabernacles.
Hungry, tired, hard, sad.
Really, horror.

Nikolaï Gay (1831-1894)
An unspeakable, truly, tough day.
Good, yes, but the hardest most unspeakable kind of good.
A mystery of good.

Painting by Tissot, "What Christ saw from the Cross"

But yes, glorious good; if unseen as such then, and sometimes now.
We wait.

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Jen said...

As always I knew you would have great art work. I am looking forward to sitting in the church tonight to thank Him for today. Love at its purest and completely undeserved. Thank you for your post. Praying for you guys. I have assembled a small package for B and sending something small for your girls and you. Got an update today. So thankful and so in love. I will email you tomorrow.