Saturday, March 28, 2009

I do. Twenty-two times

I do.
Twenty-two years ago.
A lifetime, several maybe....
We were SO young, and didn't even know it.
But then again, not so much maybe.
We had dated for...ever.
Seven years.
In some ways, we practically grew up together...
seven years, springing into adulthood.

{It was the eighties, don't judge me.
And yes, we were young!}

We've been through so much:
times when we weren't sure we'd make it,
times when we couldn't imagine not.
Just like any "old married couple."

That's what we are now....
Foolishly, perhaps,
it surprises us.

We used to be that young couple....
Now we are the old one,
the one with how many kids?

But here's the secret, shhhhhhhh:
Now, it's so much better.

We might be that old married couple...
Not as shiny, or smooth, or skinny....
But we are molded into each other, part and parcel.

It surprises us both, how so long ago it was such a fragile event, really.
It wouldn't have taken much, he says, for it not to have happened.
A little more fear, a little less hope...
a different choice, or two.
But then again...maybe not.
Seems like it was meant to be.

Twenty-two years.
And we can, even now, look at each other with deep wonder and say
"I love you so."
"And, ever, I do."

Happy Anniversary Honey, I love you!


Ryane said...

Love this! Happy Anniversary!

Adoption Cubed said...

Happy Anniversary!

Larger Family Life said...

Happy Anniversary! And neither of you look a day older than you did back then... sort of ;-)


Jen said...

beautiful post. Happy anniversary.

Lori S said...

Happy Anniversary!!
As a young bride married for 20 years, I totally relate to all that you said about marriage...fragile, difficult, but now so much better! Beautifully written!

Here's to many many more anniversaries!!!

msl said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!

Christine said...

Now that was a very nice anniversary tribute. You are both extremely sweet.


m&r said...

What a beautiful post! Wishing you a very happy anniversary!!

The Albertsons said...

this is the best post ever!!!
you were and still are beautiful!
i can relate to everything you wrote. we, too, grew up together and were so young... so, so young (still are, i guess...). I'm in awe over our whole journey thus far... so glad to know that it's only gotten better :).

Starshine said...

how beautifully written! happy anniversary!