Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guess what happened?

And he only just turned five!
I can't remember, but doesn't that just seem so early?
Shark teeth, my kids seem to have shark teeth -
where the new teeth come in rows behind the baby teeth. Scary.

Oh, but the pride of losing a first tooth: big stuff!
And our relief at finally being able to pull it, after dangling from that gummy thread? BIG stuff!
Congratulations Little Man!
We love your snaggly, shark tooth smile!


The Albertsons said...

oh, so sweet!
leah is dying to lose her first tooth... :)

renee treat said...

Samuel too is anxious to lose a tooth. I'm so jealous! I guess we're behind schedule... I think his shark teeth are rather cool:)

Jen said...

So cute. You must love that smile.

Saint Maker said...

Awww sweet! As a mother of 6, I've experienced like you, that first tooth coming and going. Bitter sweet, eh? I too have a 7 year old with 'shark' teeth, did not know that that is what it is called.

NOTE: While blog-hoping today, I forgot to go to my own dentist appointment!


Adoption Cubed said...

Hooray for the new smile! Such an important milestone!