Friday, February 20, 2009

Update: Praying for Court Families

They passed! They all passed!And we are so happy for them all, each and every one!

Go congratulate them and see the pics of their beautiful children!
The Clevingers, the Ivy's, Sarah and Davis, Laura and family, and also congrats to the McG family (no blog but still the same joy).


Adoption Cubed said...

Yesterday was a good day in Gladney-dom!


The Albertsons said...

I KNOW! What a great day!!!!!

Lori S said...

Thanks for sharing about these families in your last post. I kept checking on them yesterday and was AMAZED that they all passed court!! It was VERY exciting to share in that with them. Faven loved looking at the pictures of her 'friends' who had new families!