Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Sunday Trend

Yeah, that's right, we are talking about "Aerobic Mass."

Yup, babywrassling in the back, toddler take down,
"you want a piece of me?" protests, "just try and catch me!"...

That "30 day shred?" Grace?
Hey, I'm in the middle of it already: 60+ mins this morning!

Jane Fonda? She's got nuthin' on me!


The Roberts Family said...

You have one of those too, huh??!!! Getting Arsema to sleep after a bottle in church is history.

Can I just say it again? .... your little one has the greatest hair!! :)

Sarah said...

Let the games begin!

Jen said...

How soon we forget?! It has been awhile since I have had to chase down a toddler. I have just started to run again...I need a little more cardio than yoga provides for the days to come. I better get serious about it!