Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dead Drive

Our hard drive is dead.  Dead.  We have another older computer to use for posting (whew) and the basics but the drive with ALL our photos and data and documents is dead.  It was not a fun day yesterday.  ND lost in the longest game in their history, 4 overtimes.  And our hard drive crashed dead.  So tomorrow we go for another, but don't know if we can recover anything (oh those pics!).  I even had just put our  halloween pics on the computer and now even they are lost too.  Tough lesson, again, to backup.  

So the posts might be weird for a bit.  I'll hit up my boys for their photos and  hope for duplicates of some (Africa, especially).  I fear the old ones are the goners though and I must say it's kind of heartbreaking.  Another lesson in detachment I guess.  

I've been reading Dorothy Day's memoirs (and really, so much wonderful stuff in there, but it's not a quick read) and she speaks often of the "duty of delight."  I'd better go reread that part again.  So, this Sunday, I will ponder that instead of the data loss, I will work on detaching from my control panic and instead on how to find and practice the joyful duty, a la Dorothy Day.  


Jen said...

I am so sorry.

Sally'O said...

Mrs. G. They should be able to attach your old hard drive to a new one and suck everything off that one onto a new hard drive.


msl said...

So sorry!! Hoping the mac people can work their magic and retrieve your photos!!