Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Bananas!

Thirteen years ago, in the dark night, just before dawn lit up behind the clouds, I remember the sky opening up with thunder and lightening and rain, to accompany your early morning birth.
Even nature wanted to announce your arrival!
Then there you were, a perfectly beautiful little girl, in my arms, to my everlasting joy.
And your father, he learned, instantly, what it meant to have a daughter!
And yes, you were our only baby with crazy colic, but it passed.
And yes, your first word was "up."
But high intensity people make for very high highs and great passion.
And that is our girl: full of passion and with a huge compassionate heart. Loving, laughing, feeling everything and wanting to see and know the whole big world.
Musical, a great cook, a great helper and sweet, that is you.
Your family and friends mean the world to you,
at the same time as you have a heart to see and serve the world too.
My big girl, growing into big dreams.I love this best of all about you!
Thirteen already, but already growing into an amazing young woman that we are so proud of.
Some dread the teen years. Not me.
I think it's gonna be a great adventure with you!
We love you so much!
It's a big day here! I'd better go start the cake!


The Roberts Family said...

What a great post about your girl. :) I agree ... the teen years can be amazingly wonderful!!! Blessings, ~Shelly

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

I bet Banana loved this post, too. What a great way to honor her.

Hey, looks like you will have two 13 year olds, huh? Exciting stuff.

Colleen said...

What a nice tribute to your daughter (and all of your children, from what I have read in previous posts).


Ted and Lori said...

I love that you're looking forward to the teen years.

Lori S said...

Hope Banana had a great birthday! I enjoy the teen years too. We just celebrated our 3rd child's 13th birthday this month--that's right, three teenagers in the house--I love it! (Most of the time!) (o: